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What is Biotassu?
Biotassu is a grapple tilt that can be easily attached to different sized forest machines. The Biotassu grapple tilt fully functions with standard hydraulics of the base machine and can be easily maintained.
Advantages of Biotassu
Biotassu makes work in thinnings and final felling easier and faster. Forwarder production increases and machine contractors are saving significant time and money.

Save money with Biotassu

Biotassu is designed as attachment equipment that can be easily mounted and demounted. With Biotassu a grapple load in tilt-up position uses app. 1mx1m = 1m2 space. A grapple load without Biotassu uses instead app. 1mx3m = 3m2 space. It perfectly makes sense, that the same kind of grapple load that is tilted up and uses less space can be handled much quicker and easier with the crane.

Biotassu significantly reduces damages on remaining trees in the stand. Biotassu considerably speeds up (up to 10-15%) work cycles and increases forwarder production in thinnings, final felling and energy wood harvesting stands. Biotassu also reduces shock impacts on machine and driver. Damages are minimized and increased driver comfort has a positive effect on health and productivity. Grapple load ends can be easily evened by slightly opening the grapple. Furthermore feeding wood into a chipper is much easier with Biotassu.

Biotassu can be fitted e.g. onto cranes of forwarders and agricultural tractors with wood trailers. The attachment functions with standard hydraulics of the base machine.